There goes 2017. Where did it go huh? I’m starting to sound like my father, heh heh. You might be the sort of person to take this time to look at what you want to do differently. What you want to do more of, and less of, and even what you want to do the same of.

For me, I’d like to eat more apples. I’ve had some delicious ones lately and I think they’re probably a good thing. Much better than a pack of crisps - which I am a recovering addict of.

In your review of 2017, you might want to make sure you include more meditation or mindfulness in your day. Everyone, me included, is banging on about it - perhaps there is something in it? And how are you going to know unless you give it a try, regularly? Well that is right indeedy - you won’t know unless you do it.

If peace and calm is important to you - Why not practice it every day? Just a little bit, that’s a grand place to start.

Do it on your terms. If you like using an app, do that. If you like breathing, do that. If you like staring off into space, do that. If you like walking, do that. Just do something!

Do something! Life only gets better when you show up for it. And that is the problem with all lives - everyone thinks so much about living they rarely actually experience it.

So don’t be like that - learn to show up. If I can help with that? Let me know.

Go well! Arjuna

PS. Here's the best place to start being more mindful, stress free and enjoying each and every moment of your life: