You can’t do it

Impossible expectations and standards…

So often I hear from - especially mums - that they are sooooo useless because:

They can’t live up to the crazy mad standards they’ve set for themselves.

Like they’ve ditched the healthy diet they’ve been cooking for their kids - once

And fed them, I don't know, something SHOCKING, like fish fingers, from Iceland


Because they ran out of time,

Now they feel awful. Over the top awful.

Other mums seem to do it, and with style, and looking like they just stepped out of the salon, with a perfectly tidy house -

And running a small business on the side, seamlessly.

Yet they can’t, and they don’t.

I’m all for setting goals and standards, don't get me wrong.

But make sure they're achieveable.

Look at why you want to do what you want to do:

What’s important is setting a goal or expectation that is realistic, and fun, and you WANT to do it -

Rather than you NEED to do, because if you don’t achieve it you’re terrible, and useless, and stupid.

Sometimes too the best thing you can do is take a break.

Go easy.

You see - I have been so harsh on myself in the past,

And it just doesn’t work.

It doesn’t.

You become grey and joyless.

It isn’t fun and it isn’t effective.

So - slack off a touch.

See your mind and your thoughts and all this stuff around setting all these impossible standards.

WHO are you doing it for?



Or is it to impress someone - maybe your mum?

Maybe those women at the school gate?

Comparison is a horrible game.

Do you REALLY want to do it?

If you don’t, quit it.

If you do, make sure you keep it enjoyable and go to it.

Don’t take yourself too seriously either.

Kills everything.

Good stuff -

Like to learn how to deal with all of these impossibilities?

Which are your OWN expectations and assumptions and result in SELF induced pressure?

Honestly, the best way I know how is to learn to Ascend,

And then practice the simple, fun, relaxing, rejuvenating and calming techniques,

Take a chill pill AND be more effective.


Here's a bunch of FREE ideas on how to end stress and pressure:

Go well,



It’s all about your attitude.

Your attitude can make or break anything.