The great kind of reminder

You know what I love best about my daughter?

It’s being reminded by her constantly of what’s really important.

First thing in the morning I take the chance to Ascend when she has a nap -

Quiet bubba means I can get quiet time and spend some time nurturing me.

She wakes with a huge smile on her face.

She’s so happy, just to be awake, alive, to see me

(I guess - maybe she's laughing at me? ha!)

What a great start to the day you know?

Such a reminder that I want to live life with a huge fat inner smile.

Adults get caught up in all sorts of games and mind trickery -

They forget the things that really matter …

In the busy-ness of life and getting stuff done -

We forget … you forget.

And that’s the cause of all your stress and struggle and misery …

Because you don’t remember what is really important to you.

You don’t prioritise what is really crucial to you.

You know?

So in this game of life, staying reminded, staying inspired is everything.


What do you do to stay inspired?

How do you - yes you - stay motivated and reminded to do those things that make you come alive,

And live a life with a big fat inner smile?

It’s worth doing, isn’t it?

Here's a FREE guide on ways of staying reminded - and clear of stress and struggle:

Go well!



Perhaps that’s why grandparents love being grandparents so much?

They’ve got the perspective -

They’re not trying to survive,

They’ve got that half step back from it all,

And because of that can really enjoy their time