Your enrolment has been accepted

The most amazing thing (I personally think) is that you are enrolled and being educated in a very prestigious school ... and perhaps you don’t even realise it. If you are pay attention, if you are willing, the university of life is trying to teach you in the exact ways where you can be more free, have more fun and be more effective with less struggle and overwhelm and negativity:

Where and how you can truly be alive.

It’s trying to show you everything. It’s constantly pointing the finger, inviting you (sometimes in what may seem the strangest of ways) to really look and see how you can respond to life better. It’s constantly asking “how do you REALLY want to live?”

It’s a great question is it not?

How DO you want to live? At the end of the day, what do YOU want it to mean to be you?

With struggle and stress and overwhelm and negativity? Or fluidity and humility, confident and calm, content and with a sense of humour?

The great thing about this school is there are no failures. You always get another shot. There is always another lesson. Not to punish you - but to HELP you. All of this, no matter how it may seem, is indeed to help you! If you have the right attitude you will see this.

Isn't that cool? You're being looked after - you just need to accept the invitation.

Go well!



Freely choosing your response IS a definite education. A skill that requires practice and persistence. It’s a kind of fitness, an ability that you CAN develop.

Here’s an excellent way to get really good, really quick: