Be a Video Camera – Part 1

bevideocamara 1a.jpg

"Your only job is to witness the unfolding of Divinity … not to judge it and add your suggestions as to where God screwed everything up." 

- Narain Ishaya

A camera doesn't judge what's in front of it. It has no preference, no judgement, no label for what happens. It just allows the scene to develop.

Can you imagine a camera yelling, "No! Stop it, I don't like it!"? Or, "Wait, first, why is this happening? Where does it take me?"?

A camera doesn't even question, "What do I have to learn from this?". It just captures the moment.

Your homework task here is to be just like a video camera.

Allow the present moment to develop by itself without you trying to figure out why, how or where is this taking you. Your only job is to witness, unconditionally, whatever the "Director" puts in front of you.

Of course, respond accordingly, but you aren't the Director. You don't know the next page of the script. Your job is just to capture the moment unfolding.

Play with this eyes open and eyes closed. And, as always, enjoy the scene.