Be Content With What You Have – Part 2

contentment 2.jpg

Contentment is a crucial choice you can make in any aspect of your life, even and especially when you want more. Contentment is the choice that leads to more. 

Without the choice to be content, your mind drags you around focusing on what could and should be. You get lost in the past and the future, you never get present. You're always struggling, for more, to get the ideal position in life, without any appreciation for what you do have, for what is here right now. You get overwhelmed, there's no balance, there's no clarity.

Nurture a sense of contentment for what is. Settle in to what you can actually experience, the stillness and spaciousness of this. There is such peace and perfection when you let go of the mind's idea of what should be.

And from this you may find the next step reveals itself to you quite nicely.