Keep It Simple, Silly

People make this stuff SO complicated. Had someone come and spend some time with me a few days ago -

In order to get more better at this meditation and mindfulness and awareness stuff,

And operate from calm and fun and contentment as opposed to frazzle and grumpiness and feeling like somethings missing.

We talked, we did a few things, and towards the end …

And I love this -

She open her eyes and said ...

“This is SO simple!”

I really love that because it is indeed - so simple.

You just need to know the few, right things.

Mindfulness and meditation is sometimes taught in the most convoluted, intellectual way,

Confusing all and sundry.

But the facts are -

This is the simplest of simple things.

It has to be,

Because it -

“It” being meditation or breathing or chanting or whatever you do …

‘It’s” job is to bring you back to your natural state.

To remind you of that:

The state that you were born with,

That state that you’re immersed in, in those times when life is good,

That state that seems so far away when life is tough.

(it’s not far away, it just seems so).

It cannot be complicated because it is the truest sense of you.

All it needs is you to show up to this moment in time.

Become aware of now,

And the presence beyond that.

My Ascension meditation teacher used to say it was “Closer than your next breath”,

Which used to annoy me because I hadn’t quite trusted him fully and was still making it super complicated …

But I now see it’s totally true.

You are that.

That vibrantly quiet, still, spacious, present awareness.

Just remember to be that, right now.

So keep everything super simple, OK?

What to know more?

I have a free talk coming up that you’ll love IF you love simplicity.

Wednesday at 6pm it is.

Full details here, be great to see you if you can make it! Go well!