The END of boredom?

You ever had a most amazing experience?

Or even “just” a really cool one?

Of course you have -

(If you can't remember one, but would LIKE to have one or more - hang on in there and I'll explain ...)

Those moments when you were alive, so full of presence, so immersed in what was happening,

You forgot all your worries and dramas just for a moment (or two)

Super content, super satisfied - you were so far from dissatisfaction there didn’t exist any such thing as dissatisfied …


Me too.

I would find those times a lot in nature -

Snowboarding down a steep, wild, powder slope.

Walking back up and doing it all over again, and again.

Kayaking some mad river that took a helicopter to get into -

And it seemed like I knew what the water would do half a second before it happened.


Such aliveness and ease and fun …

You know?

You’ll have these moments, these fond memories -

Maybe they’re something wild and intense,

BUT sometimes they’re not.

What used to blow me away about these experiences,

What used to CONFUSE me about them -

Is that sometimes I would feel SO happy and complete JUST doing the dishes …

(And I really used to dislike doing the dishes)

How could these moments be wild and intense,

But ALSO pop up when doing something as mundane as housework??

Learning to Ascend, I now know why.

The core thing is not WHAT you are doing, but HOW you do it.


The more present, the more absorbed in the task in front of you?

The less you use it as a chance to think about something else?

The less you wish you could be doing something, anything else?

The more likely it is to be completely satisfying …

Totally Alive,

With total contentment.

The end of boredom is right there.


And it all stems from a choice.

Your choice to show up to what you are doing.

Fill your life with memorable moments -

Notice when your head wants to take you away from what is right in front of you,

And instead be presence itself.

The end of boredom, the end of drudgery -

It all lies in your hands.

Want that?

Sure you do!

Who wouldn’t!

This is the way to getting it, and it's FREE for you to download:

Go well



Just tell that to your teenagers next time they tell you they’re bored

heh heh.