2 things that stop any dream happening

Exciting times!! I’ve figured out there are 2 things that stop me - and probably you since we're all the same mostly, really - from doing the big work, from the stuff that excites you, that is important to you. Your life work even, perhaps.

I’m talking specifically about a project like writing a book ...

(My book? Kind of you to ask - it is coming, just being polished by outside forces and a wonderful job they are doing - I'll let you know when you can get a copy)

... or a blog, but it could be anything from learning to paint or to meditate, going on an overseas journey, starting a business, a family, anything …

I’ve had both of these things in buckets, but once you see them, once you really see them, they’re easy to overcome. Promise. 

The first is waiting for Permission.

So many people just sit, and wait until someone in "authority" gives them permission to go ahead and start, to get involved.

Often you’ll think what you want to do isn’t important enough. But hogwash to that. Jump in, don’t wait for permission.

The second is waiting for Perfection.

You’re either waiting to become good enough to begin, or waiting for the project to be perfect before you reveal it to the world.

Waiting for that means you never actually do anything. It always gets delayed until … perfection comes. And has anyone ever really come face to face with perfection?

Beyond, that is the internal attitude of perfection that comes from appreciation?

Make a start, get it “good enough” and send it out to trusted advisors for feedback.

All I can say is don’t wait for permission or perfection.

Claim it, do it, jump in. You may have to take a big gulp and do it anyway, but waiting is a giant handbrake, and one, once you see these 2 things, you have control over.

Questions? Let me know, I’d love to help.

Go well! Arjuna

PS. Being more mindful and present?

It is the most powerful "thing" that helps you see all these mental limitations and handbrakes. It means you can see what’s going on inside your own head so you don’t do the things that really mean you come alive.

It is awesome. Here’s a free guide with 108 different ideas on being more: