Heroic Slacker?? - (Don’t Do Something, Just Sit There)

Those people who want more from their life are rare. Rarer still are those who are looking to do something about it.

Infinitely rarer than that are those who ACTUALLY follow through and take steps.

It’s so easy to point the finger and blame everything else why our lives are the way they are.

It’s the economy, or it’s my upbringing, or it’s my partner, or it’s my children, or it’s my …

It is rare, and actually heroic, to find someone who takes responsibility for not only what they say and do -

But also the way they think and feel.

The trouble is this, this last small group are usually warriors - 

They’ll bash their heads through brick walls if they thought it would bring them what they wanted.

I’ve found that’s also why the middle group -

The ones who want to do something about having a better life shy away from jumping in and actually doing something, because -

It seems like monstrously hard work sometimes.

You might have to become a fanatic.

You might have to be perfectly dedicated, with hard as nails focus, never slacking, never having off days …

And who is like that, really?

Take meditation for example.

I thought it meant changing my life, as in becoming a vegetarian and fasting regularly.

I thought it meant sitting on the floor with my legs crossed and enduring hours of discomfort and boredom.

I thought it meant stopping my mind.

I thought it meant discipline and focus and hard friggin work to get a leash on the small grey parts of my mind.

All of which I was prepared to do because I wanted freedom from said parts of my head.

I wanted calm, I wanted perspective, I wanted more fun.

I wanted an end to the depression, the worry, the foul moods I would find myself in.

I wanted to stop sabotaging my relationships and make them so solid and nurturing and fun.

And so I did what I thought it took.

I can’t say how grateful I am that I found specific meditation technique that I now practice, every day - The Ishayas’ Ascension -

Because hard work is not necessary to get what you want in terms of meditation and mindset.

As I think Bill Gates noted, give a hard problem to a lazy person and they’ll always find the easiest, the quickest and most efficient solution -

Simply because them slackers want the easy life, they don’t want hard work.

^^^ I think Ascension meditation was invented by these guys ^^^

Don’t get me wrong - you have to be a touch heroic, simply to want to change yourself.

But a heroic slacker attitude is perfect.

Why drag yourself over hot coals when you can sit in a deck chair, sipping a drink with a small umbrella in it?



Just turning up and being consistent takes character enough.

Life is busy, and tough sometimes.

Make it easy on yourself.

Choose the easy, fast, fun path.

You want less anxiety, depression, mood swings?

You want more fun, more peace, more focus?

You want to be the great parent, not the grumpy, distracted, snappy one?

You want to stop sabotaging your relationship, even just through taking it for granted?

You want to a way to be able to sail through tough situations?

If I can be brutally honest:

(and I know it’s not so politically correct to say this, but …)

Not all meditation techniques are the same.

They aren’t.

If you are a heroic slacker - like myself - and want the easy (and yet quick) path to results,

Learn Ascension meditation.

Find a Bright Path Ishaya - I can vouch for our teachers - and learn.

They’ll teach you right.

I can’t recommend this enough -

And I’m not doing this just because I want to make money off you,

I’m saying this because I want you to have an easy, fun, awesome life -

And this is the easiest, fastest, most transformative way of jettisoning all the mental and emotional rubbish you’ve picked up over the years that I know.

Are there other ways? Maybe. But this is what I know for sure.

It’s the one thing I’ve been doing every single day for the last 14 years.

There is a link in the PS if you want to know more about what I have to say, but really, I honestly just want you to be outrageously happy.

Whatever you do, make it easy, OK? -Arjuna


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