£300 - On Goldfish Surgery!

So the Daily Mail tells me that a family has spent £300 on vet bills - To fix their ailing 20 year old … goldfish.

Such a tiny thing, and so expensive!

Mind you, the Daily Mail has just been excluded from Wikipedia’s list of trusted sources of truth,

So you never do know do you?

The comments after the story were loaded with people saying what a waste of money it was.

But here’s the thing that I liked about this family:


They said “Goldie” - (not actually sure that is the fish's real name) -

Was important to the whole family and so it was a no brainer (to use a Kevin Bacon-ism) to spend the cash.

Good on them.

To some people it’s important to spend their hard earned dosh on cigarettes or Sky TV or new trainers or whatever …

For me it’s pork pies, from the Noted Pie Shop.

(If you’re ever in Darlo or Richmond you probably know what I’m talking about)

but - who is to say what should be important to you?

It’s a good sign of your priorities though, isn’t it?

What you spend money on -

And what you spend time on.

Time and money.

If you want to work out what’s happening in your life and why,

Look there first.

Because it will show you what you are prioritising, what you put your energy into.

Prioritising your mindset, your attitude and your freedom of choice?

Is a worthwhile “investment” -

Simply because it gives you so much in return.

It’s the foundation to your whole entire life.

Quite simply, with a solid foundation -

Not only can you combat stress and struggle and self-sabotage and exhaustion,

Meaning you can enjoy being calm and clear and content and creative,

(So many ‘C’s!’)

But you’re great to be around.

So many people I teach Ascension meditation tell me that it’s their partners and kids that tell them to go practice,

To prioritise it -

Simply because they’re nicer and less grumpy and more inspiring to be with.

If you know how to Ascend?

Make sure you practice.

Let me know if you need help with that. I have a cool little system to make it a habit.

If you don’t know how?

Well, by golly, you’re missing out.

Head this way and I'll get your started on meditation and we'll talk more about this Ishayas' Ascension meditation business:

https://arjunaishaya.leadpages.co/sane-fb/ Have a lovely day! Arjuna