A Bit Of Honesty?

OK, so I am nearly there with my computer. It’s been giving me grief.

We had one of “those” chats.

A clearing of the air, if you like.

And I think we’re back on better ground for moving forward.

Honesty and clarity is important in any relationship.

But not at the expense of appreciation and gratitude …

You know what I mean?

I know a couple who like to clear the air regularly.

Like every single day …

It’s a nightmare to be around -

Because it’s all based on “you change, no YOU change” …

They forget - regularly - to mention why they like each other, why they got married in the first place.

Dude, that gets old quick - just watching it.

Anyways - this wasn't going to be about relationships.

But seeings as I’m on a roll …

I know guys in particular don’t like to talk about this stuff.

It’s to their loss.

Simply because they don’t know how relationships work.

Especially at home.

Many guys expect everything to be amazing just because they go home at night and put bacon on the table.

Then they’re left scratching their heads when their wives and partners want more and so run off with the milkman.

If you get that bit about appreciation and gratitude then your relationship and your life will be so much easier.

You’ll have a solid foundation for when you need to be straight and honest.

But the bottom line is - everyone likes to be liked.

It’s not quite manipulation, and yet …

heh heh, evil master mind stuff here,

If you let them know how much you do like them, they will be willing to move mountains for you.

This “works” in your romantic relationship, with your kids …

But I saw it first in my job.

I would do anything for this one boss.

Simply because he took the time to tell me what a good job I was doing and how valued I was - and often.

When he had things he’d like me to do differently or had some overtime he needed doing?

I jumped on that. No hesitation.

I was young and impressionable - but I tried the exact same thing with the guys under me.

The result?

We had the best team at work -

We were slick and smooth and efficient, and just as importantly we had a TON of fun.

It was obvious to our clients as well. They commented on it endlessly.

A relationship is founded on what you bring to it.

It all begins with you - giving (probably more importantly - remembering to give).

It’s worth it: what you give tends to be what you get back.

So there you go - one big tangent this morning.

If you’d like the skills to make appreciation and gratitude and having really quite wonderful relationships an everyday “it’s just what I do” part of your life?

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Keep the peace! Arjuna