7 secrets to mastering meditation

You want secrets and tips to mastering meditation?

The trick is that meditation is nothing like everything else you have ever learned to do. It takes some right unlearning to undo some of the knots and bad mental conditioning you have picked up.

All those bad habits that lead to stress and self-sabotage … no deal, becoming mentally flexible and fluid is simple when you know how.

Right here … I gotcha some “right understanding”. Let’s call it Right Understanding Thursday (RUT for short).

1. Just Do It

I would say the number one secret is consistency. Pick a time and stick with it. No matter what your mind says, stay for the time - don’t cut it short.

2. Learn to ignore everything your mind says

Just for the time you have your eyes closed consider everything, and I mean everything, to be irrelevant. If you think you’re doing good, if you think you’re doing bad. Just ignore it all.

3. Don’t try

The more you try in this game, the more you try and get anywhere or anything, the less you’ll be meditating. The game is to try and give up all straining, trying and controlling for the time you have your eyes closed.

4. Give up a sense of progress

If I could go back and talk to young Arjuna and whisper some wise words of wisdom born from experience, one nugget I would impart would be stop looking to get somewhere with meditation. Give up the need to develop or master or become.

5. If you need to judge…

If you really need to, judge not on what happens in your meditations, but the changes in your life. Is life getting easier, simpler? Is there more headspace, clarity and calm, with less reaction? Are you having more fun? Of course you are.

6. It’s not about the thoughts

What you focus on grows. So if you focus on trying to stop your thoughts, that’s all you’re going to get: lots of thoughts. If you have the right tool, you can focus on that and let it take you beyond thought, back to the part of you that never changes.

7. Learn to be more and more present during the day

Consciously and (again) consistently pause during your day to become less entangled in the details and more aware of this moment in time. Stay there and then get stuck back in, but without getting lost in the busy-ness.

So hopefully you might have a sense that you won’t master meditation. The truth is meditation masters you.

The only thing you can do is consistently show up while (in its own good time) meditation has its way with you. Easy huh?

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Keep the Peace

- Arjuna

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