Why is Formula One just like meditation?

There are two parts in becoming the Lewis Hamilton of meditation.

I have to be careful here because my knowledge of Formula One is limited, in fact non-existent.

I should have conferred with my friend Jivana who, in between teaching Ascension meditation, actually has a gig flying around the world commentating on races in hospitality tents for high flying companies, i.e. he knows everything.

(Do you think he enjoys his job? I suspect very much indeed.)

Nonetheless, I will pursue my metaphor … perhaps to my doom.

Right understanding, the first part, is like being trained to drive a car proper. It isn’t the vehicle, it is the knowledge on how to get the best out of what you got.

It is training and use and tactics and how to look good in a onesie with sunglasses on.

Very very important.

But useless without the second part: What you do drive.

Obviously driving something beautifully made and engineered will be a completely different experience from driving something like those three wheeled numbers that certain gentlemen of a rougher persuasion like to cause sport with through tipping them over onto their side while they are stationary at traffic lights.

Three wheels? Made to fall over? Not much fun, slow too. Uncomfortable really. Perhaps even embarrassing if your friends saw you.

The “right tool” is an important part of the equation.

Not “a” right tool as in a derogatory term for a chap, but “the” right tool as in the perfect vehicle to take you where you want to go, speedily, simply, efficiently, enjoyably, and perhaps even with the window wound down, elbow resting like so, and with the stereo suitably turned up. Seat warmers for winter? Check-a-rooney.

You see the difference?

Why would you take the stairs when you could take the express elevator?

Why express elevate when you could fly?

Why fly when you could teleport?

The right tool is 80% of it. Very important, but not the whole picture - you could have the perfect tool, the perfect vehicle, and through zero understanding, stall at every opportunity.

In the Ascension meditation course we spend much time on right understanding. But I have the luxury of having the right tool to give.

Because even with a tiny amount of instruction (the right understanding) the right tool will start to teach you.

That is why I can run a less than 20 contact hour course and confidently send people away knowing in my heart of hearts that they have everything they need to be free of their minds and master all sorrow, struggle, and suffering, and start living truly exceptional lives.

I was going to give you some tips on right understanding but looks like I’ve ran out of time.

Tomorrow I promise: secrets of right understanding.

But remember, the right tool is 80% of it.

You want that?

15-17 April, £200 for the complete package - right everything.

Email me for your own, very very comfortable, seat.

And remember to look out for tomorrow’s email. Sorry to be a tease but I got carried away.

- Arjuna

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