The shortest email I have written

Someone pointed out to me that my emails are getting longer and longer.

(You see, if you are reading this on my blog - these go out in the form of emails to my list quite regularly. Want a part of that? - sign up above, or here:)

That someone was the fiancee, she who doesn’t really like reading emails so I’m not sure she’s the ideal audience for them, but anyway.

A side story: early in our relationship, when I was wooing her, I tried wooing by email and text message. She wasn’t really playing. And they say it is men that have a hard time communicating to the woman’s satisfaction. Not in my world.

But since the fiancee mentioned it, this one will be short, and concise.

In these emails, I do try and be concise. I also try and be interesting at least, and informative somehow. I figure you deserve that much.

I like my email inbox to contain nothing but fluffy nuggets of joy, inspiration and useful information. And some days I get that when I open it up.

Since I want that, that’s what I try and give to you.

But if you really don’t like them, if they are long and rambling to your dissatisfaction, please unsubscribe. The button is just here at the bottom, always.

Life is too short to be annoyed when an email shows up in your inbox, don’t you think? Especially one that you signed up for, and clicked a confirmation link for, and have a solution to.

I’ll leave you with a question:

What is one thing you will stop doing today that will make your life better in some way?

How will you “detox” one part of your day to give you a little more “ahhhhh” within it?

Cut away the unnecessary and you will find the crucial vitality you want, and deserve.

Over and out.

- Arjuna “Senor Concise”