People are strange

Loved that song “People are Strange” when I was a wee fellow.

Picked it up via The Lost Boys soundtrack. Remember that film?

My favourite film for a long time. I tried to get my hair just like Kiefer Sutherland’s. Didn’t work, think I was probably starting to go bald very early on. Anyway, I do digress, you’re not here to hear about my dubious cultural tastes …

When I look around and study our fellow humans, we do some strange things.

One of the strangest is when someone comes to me and says they need help with being more focussed, or not worrying, or sleeping better, or being more calmer, or whatever …

(There are so many problems that can be solved by training your mind, by learning how to use it properly it’s hard to pick one)

It’s a real problem for them, it’s really affecting their life …

Had an email this morning just like this, which mabee explains why it is forefront of my attention.

And they are there when I talk (or write), asking questions, interacting, findings out more.

When it comes the moment to jump in to learn Ascension meditation?

— “Sounds good but I don’t have enough time to practice” —

I’ve heard it a lot and it still makes me almost slap my forehead in disbelief (not very hard though, I’m not much of a masochist).

Maybe “not having time” is code for they don’t like me and are finding a nice way to remove themselves from my surroundings, which is fine.

But I’ve talked to so many people, and the trouble with everything, they say, is “there isn’t enough time”.

Curious - humans are constantly delaying - “I’ll do it later”, as if they had all the time in the world, and then there is the problem of not enough time.

The problem of struggling against a mind that won’t be still, won’t stop worrying, or doubting, or stressing about every single thing … and then there is the problem of time.

Here is the thing:

You don’t have time not to practice.

There is nothing in the world that will help you without you putting a modicum of time and effort into it.

But closing your eyes every day and doing your Ascension meditation gives you more time.

It stretches the mindspace - time continuum. I just made up that term, but I’m serious: it gives you the ability to transcend the very thing that takes all your time away!

(that’s your mind, btw)

You need to do the work. If you want different fruit, you need to plant different trees.

Otherwise you just get the same old, same old.

And if you’re happy with living a life of less than optimal, of dealing with stress and struggle and self-sabotaging your happiness and goals on a daily basis then that is fine with me.

Just be honest with yourself. If you are happy with that, be happy with it.

Keep a track of what you say you want, and what you’re actually prepared to do about it.

That in itself may just fundamentally change how you live life.

But if it’s enough of a problem, then devote the time and effort to learn how to move beyond the problem.

You never will regret it.

Boom. Life is too short to live with a problem that can be solved.


Course here, my place (big house), 15-17 April. Richmond, North Yorkshire (may involve some simple travel)

Only 12 mind space explorers at one time, £200 for the whole shebang. Bargain, price will go up for the next course.

If you are at all interested - email me, and I will put you on the list so you know first when registrations are open.


Have a great day. As always, let me know if I can help.

- Arjuna