The little old lady who gave me a “word or two of advice” on how to meditate proper

Just the other day I was giving a talk on meditation, and having a jolly time of it.

A lady, who did have quite a severe countenance (who had confided in me earlier that she was practicing the meditation technique of another tradition), piped up, exclaiming:

“WHY are you slouching?”

I was tickled by this comment, a memory floated through my brain of being a school lad and having if not similar comments, similar attitudes be directed at me.

I attempted to sit up but for this lady, nothing less than ram rod straight would do.

I think I let her down that day both in my general disinterest in sitting “correctly” as any “meditator” worth their “salt” would do, but taking her very seriously at all.

Never mind.

The thing I want to pass on to you is that meditation gets taken very seriously. However, as I have learnt, an unhappy path does not have a happy ending.

It cannot.

I wanted peace and laughter and rest, not more harshness. Hence why I didn’t sign up for her brand of enlightened torture.

I have tried sitting on the floor with a super straight spine and the fact of the matter is that I was more grateful to finish my session and be able to move than I was for any noticeable benefit in maintaining such an awesome posture.

So I’m a ball of jelly, perhaps. and yes, slouching isn’t so nice for the spine, but I am sure there is a happy medium in there somewhere.

Didn’t big Buddha say something very wise about taking the middle path? Just like Goldilocks - not too hot, not too cold, not too harsh, not too sloth-esque.

Be comfortable when you sit!

If you’re not comfortable you’re not going to come back time and time again.

If you don’t come back to meditation time and time again, you’re not going to discover how peace is a choice away, or how the only limits to your life are the ones cycling around in the back of your sub-conscious. In other words, you’re not going to live as the best version of yourself.

… and you, you of all people, deserve that.

Keep it easy, it has to be easy, and relaxing, and in that way it will be rewarding and quickly so.


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Keep it easy! Have more fun for less effort.

- Arjuna