What works best for you?

So here I am this afternoon, writing today’s email yesterday. Amazin’ huh? Organised.

I’ve moved through coffee time earlier this morning and am now into tea time - sipping a nice cuppa Yorkshire tea - with a view for my sofa where we are going to embark on a little Ascension meditation after I whip this email up for you.

I sit on a cushion on the floor and write with my laptop on the coffee table. I love that. Means I get to look out the window at everyone walking by. It means I have to be neat, because it’s our living room and the fiancee said I could be here as long as I vanished my stuff at relaxation time.

She is the boss, and I respect that, because when she is happy, I am happy.

My little office works most of all because I have a radiator at my back to lean and be warm against. I like that most of all.

It wouldn’t work for everyone, but I don’t expect it to, it works for me.

What works for you?

When I first learnt Ascension I was eager to be told what to do. What the perfect way of Ascending was, how should I sit, what I should eat, should I have these magic meditation beads, how about this blanket, should I wake and do it at 4am, would it be best if I woke for the sacred time to meditate, an hour and a half before dawn … ?

So many questions simply because I genuinely was excited to know, and I wanted to do my best, and ultimately “get it right”.

I was a bit put out when the Ishaya simply said: “What works for you?”

I didn’t want to know what worked for me, I wanted to know the correct method of gaining inner and outer peace in the shortest possible amount of time.

Yet everywhere I went in the Ishaya world most questions had the answer, “what works for you?”

And so now I am a teacher myself, I realise the beauty of that.

What works for you?

The best way to practice meditation is the way that works best for you. Because then you’re actually more likely to do it.

If that’s at 5am then wonderful. If that’s 10 minutes in your car at lunch, perfect. If that is sitting in lotus position on the floor, excellent. If it is on your comfy sofa with your blanky, then well done.

What if you couldn’t do it wrong, only simpler, gentler?

What would you do then?

What if the only way of doing it wrong was not to do it?

What would you do then?

You owe it to yourself to work out what works best for you. Feel free to explore, to try, but stick with what works. You also don’t want to be a butterfly, flitting from one practice to another. Little is gained that way.

Keep it simple. The truth has to be simple, otherwise it wouldn’t be the truth.

If you fancy, come and learn to Ascend. You won’t know what simple is until you do.

15-17 April - Richmond, North Yorkshire

Some seriously simple, yet strangely powerful techniques, that give you the ability to choose. Stuck in a thought? Choose an Ascension technique, go beyond it. Simple - it brings you to a state of calm, clarity and contentment - so you can do the things you love even better.

Email me for details.

Until then! Enjoy every minute.

- Arjuna