A little little thing that can make this Valentines the greatest ever

So - assuming you are in a relationship with a “significant” other, this Valentines will mean you are set for a day of goodness with your “fluffy bunny” or “snookums” or whatever pet name you have for them.

If you are flying solo, so to speak, do not despair - it doesn’t matter. This will still apply to you.

This is because we are constantly in relationship with someone, romantic or not. Some relationships are more important than others, but interactions are a constant part of being human. Unless you are sitting in a cave right now, with nothing but the birds and the bats for company, that is.

The secret to an amazing relationship - once again, any kind of relationship - is to realise that average Joe relationships are all about “what can I get from this?”.

Given that average Joe is about “me, me, me”, and you, since you have the good taste to be reading this, are as far from average as can be, you should do the direct opposite.

Make every relationship, and especially the ones you want to thrive, about what you can give.

Ensure your approach to your loved one is “how can I give?” and you will be happy forever.

Tip number two is that the best gift is of yourself.

Shiny, expensive things are all well and good, but your full and complete attention, your ongoing appreciation and gratitude, your compliments, your assistance, your understanding and patience, your awareness and presence … in other words, you, is so much more than shiny-ness.

All you have to do is be aware - give, a lot, and constantly. And be aware when you are taking.

And you can’t do it later. Nothing is more important than the important people in your life. Don’t take them for granted!

Job done.

You can thank me later.

Have a great day, love them to pieces.

- Arjuna


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