Smoking weed for peace: Why some Facebook advice is not what you really want

Smoke weed every day? As an answer to being calm, clear and content?

I was just looking on my Facebook page and someone left a little comment saying to the effect that the answer to being clear, calm and content lay in smoking marijuana.

Now I’ve smoked some before and as fun as it was in its own way, marijuana wouldn’t be my go to practice for clarity.

Calm maybe, horizontal more like. But clear? I was more fuzzy headed than anything. And hungry.

But the fact of the matter is that I got to the point in life where I didn’t want anything to be the “middleman” to my peace and focus in life.

I didn’t want to rely on anything anymore.

Not drugs, not kayaking, not adventures, not music, not reading inspiring books, not yoga, not other people.

I wanted to be able to choose to clear, calm and content - to be the best version of myself - without needing anything external in order to do that.

See I wasn’t able to simply “reset” myself and be present. Sometimes I just couldn’t get out of my own head.

I would do some yoga and breathing as a means to “de-stress” but it could take an hour and a half of yoga to step outside my own looping thoughts.

That was too much time.

I wanted to come to a point where I had a means of just remembering what was beyond my small mind in seconds, not minutes or hours.

Having freedom of choice, I believed, needed to be fast, and without conditions.

It needed to be an internal thing, independent of “stuff”, otherwise I was just relying on something else … do you get me?

You don’t need anything to choose, awareness is all, and you have that already. You are that.

You just need to remember to be it.

Now, if you’re like me, a tool, or a technique to help you remember, to get you out of your mind (in the best possible sense) is very very very useful.

But it needs to be an internal tool that will mean you can choose and be aware without relying on anything but what you have within.

It needs to be simple, because simple is quick.

It needs to be something that you can use with your eyes open - because you spend your life with your eyes open.

An eyes closed meditation practice is excellent, but a tool you can also use eyes open, superb.

And if it’s not illegal then you are away laughing.

If you are the same as me, you may well want to join me on the next Ascension meditation course. We are on 15-17 April.

I’ll give you everything you need to become completely present and aware quickly, whenever you want, without any unnecessary "fluff" or anything “external”, or the chance of being arrested.

If you want a (comfy) seat, email me before too long.

Take care, and have a superb day

- Arjuna


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