A Slap To The Dark Side

slap to darkThere is a force within you that stops you. It stops you improving yourself.

It stops you doing different things, things where in the beginning you will definitely fail a lot more than we succeed.

It stops you living how you want to.

It even stops you from simply doing the things you say you love to do.

Before, if someone invited me on an adventure, somewhere new and different?

"Heckity heck yeah!"

Left to me to organise my own mission?


^^^ That is the sound of nothing happening, like air escaping from a balloon.

It’s the sound of excuses … “too much work” … blah blah blah, as I fall on the couch and do the same old thing or go do a lap of my well known local.

You could call it the comfort zone.

You could call it resistance.

It comes from within.

It can come from without too - your family maybe, your friends perhaps.

It shows itself in the outdoors, in sports, in business, in anything creative, in relationships.

It pops up everywhere.

It exists for sure, and you need to know it exists so you can get the measure of the little fiend.

A while back, I read a fine book by a chap called Steven Pressfield called “The War of Art”.

You may want to, too, if reading appeals.

It was a nice slap in the face.

If a slap in the face could be called nice.

Part of me loved it, part of me recoiled.

Here’s his point:

You only get resistance, you only need courage, when you are faced with something that is important to you.

If it wasn’t important to you, it wouldn’t bring up the resistance to it.

Make sense?

So if you find yourself attacked by resistance and comfort zones, let it be a sign that you are onto a good thing, and to keep going.

A kind of “feel the fear and do it anyway”.

Expect it, laugh the face of resistance (with a wry ha ha ha), and keep going.

I now know my comfort zone is set to, well, comfort - and I know I need to go further on it because going further gives me such a buzz.

So I do.

Awareness means choice, and freedom, and more life!

My next course is all about awareness, and retraining your brain, developing mental fitness and flexibility, giving you calm and focus and greater happiness …

All so you can go beyond comfort zones and resistance and all limitation and do more of what you love to do.

So you can live the life you dream of.

The next course is the very core of the longer Mountain Mindset.

In fact, I'm calling it "Mountain Mindset Core".

(Thought that sounded bad arse -

And since I teach you what is officially known as "the Bright Path Ishayas' Ascension meditation and mindset techniques", it's quite a mouthful).

Where Mountain Mindset is longer and I’m on your case a lot more (giving some amazing results), in Mountain Mindset Core it’s “just the facts”.

Short, and very sweet - over a weekend, the first weekend in November.

(I know - all of a sudden my calendar is packed - but it gives you plenty of time to get organised)

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These courses aren't for everyone and so first make sure you’re prepared and up for it.

It’s simple - it just needs a little dedication and commitment.

And if you don’t have that then no worries, perhaps this isn’t for you.

But if you do?

Wow, you’re going to love what the course will give you.

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Till next time, keep the peace!



If you want to overcome this evil force that gets in your way?

It’s true, it exists.

The good news is you can overcome it, with the right tools and the right support.

Here’s the answer (and I guarantee it too):