"Is That It?"

that itIf you have the suspicion there is more to life than what you are currently living … You are right.

Life could be quite good thanks, and yet there is always more.

... If you reach out and get it.

You can sit, pretty happy, doing “pretty” good, and yet never really live the fullest of lives.

I know this because young Arjuna was there. Ticked all my boxes on my “to achieve” list.

I lived in a beautiful house in the mountains of New Zealand,

Had an perfect job which was fun and gave me the right amount of money and time off,

A group of awesome and talented friends to go and do cool stuff with,

A river I could walk to with my kayak and play to my heart’s content (that’s some seriously good positioning there)

A fun hill I could run up and back after work, just over the (above) river,

And yet …

There was a nagging doubt, a lack of contentment, a feeling that I was missing something.

I realised that I had everything, but I was a bit hollow.

Internally I hadn’t mastered contentment,

or true appreciation,

or love for the simple fact of existence.

I was always chasing the next high, the next buzz.

Always after the high, I didn’t know how to avoid or manage the come down.

I didn’t have a solid relationship because I didn’t know how to relate to women on a good enough level.

In getting what I wanted I had become pretty selfish.

(and not selfishness of the good sort that benefits everyone).

I didn’t know myself well enough to be able to manage bad moods - I just took them out on the person closest to me.

And that gets old for them pretty quick.

Every where I looked it seemed that people were saying “you have the perfect life”.

And yet it didn’t feel like it to me, as much justifying as I tried.

It came to a point where I got frustrated and confused enough to do something about it.

No one teaches us this stuff, the internals.

School isn’t about what makes us tick.

Yet it is the foundation of the very best life.

It took me a little while to find the right tools and the right understandings,

(there is so much bonkers stuff out there)

But I found a way that is practical, down to earth and real.

You just do it, and you get results.

You fill up on the inside, you get the ability to deal with weirdness that lives in each and every one of our own minds.

(don’t tell me you aren’t a little weird - you are)

By doing this you have the foundation for doing exactly what you want to do.

You have the foundation for giving to all your loved ones the very best of you.

What greater gift?

I just wanted to tell you this story because even if one of you can avoid the confusion and frustration that I went through, then awesome.

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