A Sparkle In Your Eye?

Someone once said that people will forget what you say and do, But they’ll never forget how you make them FEEL.

It's very true.

You know when you meet someone just for a moment and they make such a lasting impression?

(In a good way)

When I first met my first Ishayas, I fell head over heels in love.

Total puppy dog follow them around.

Both were women, both were completely “ordinary” looking -

Yet completely extraordinary at the same time.

Don’t know if I can describe it, but I just wanted to be around them as much as possible.

They were calm but there was so much life in their skin, you could feel it -

It was as if by just being around them they reminded me of how to be like that too.

They were having what seemed like a LOT of fun,

With this sparkle in their eyes, they had a manner that said:

“Self-contained, completely content, nothing to hide, nothing to prove, nothing to fear, absolutely alive”

Which was like an unspoken invitation to me to be the same.

The weekend I spent with them wasn't so much about what they taught me,

(Which was amazing)

But how they were, how they lived and laughed, how they did each and every moment.

That’s what I still remember to this day:

How they made me feel.

Yup - your presence speaks louder than any deeds or words.

It’s not what you achieve but HOW you achieve it,

That’s what changes everything -

That’s what makes a lasting impact on your loved ones, on your community, on all the people around you.

And that’s what ultimately gives you satisfaction at a job well done,

A day well lived.

Remember that.

You can have that fulfilment and that impact (though you might not even know it)

It all comes back to your presence.

Your being.

You - not someone else’s way or manner or presence, but yours -

You - resting in yourself, alive to this moment.

Job done.

Go well, ok?



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