I Really Need To Tell You This ...

If you live in the UK, and many of you do - Important news.

Speeding fines -

I was making a joke about them recently,

How sometimes you get so frazzled and wound up that you drive like a loose cannon.

Not really aware of the speed,

Just wanting to get to where you’re going fast, like yesterday fast.

You can’t do that any more, because if you do?

You’ll get your arsito …

(that is slang Spanish for derriere. Which is French for bum - I believe)

… kicked by the Man.

Speeding fines are now between 50 - 175 PERCENT of weekly wage.

Woo hoo!

That’s a chunk.

I would not want that.

It’s kinda good actually.

I used to live in a small town with a small road running through the middle of it,

And folks speeding to work and back home through my cosy village I did not like.

They really weren’t my cup of tea.

But anyway -

Moral of the story?

I don’t really have one, except slow down a touch there.

It could make the difference between feeding your family and not.

Then there’ll be some grumps around the (non) dinner table won’t there?

Actually - here’s a better moral -

The haste in your head?

Affects the haste in your life.

The haste in your life?

Affects everything.

Even your bank account.

Less haste and more speed (my Nan was a great pontificator of this)

Get present and calm and have more money.

Dude … that's not really a zinger is it?

I’m a bit off today.


Hope everything is good out there for you all!

Go well! Arjuna


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