A very nice tale about fish

After Christmas - and its a lovely time to relax and perhaps take a little introspection. A little examination of how you doing at all of this. After all, New Years is coming and bringing with it all of the resoluteness of being inspired to do things different. So - Why do you do all the hard work you do?

There’s that classic story of the business guru chatting to the fisherman. You might have heard it?

The fisherman wakes early, catches a few fish for his family and friends and then heads back to eat and enjoy time with his family and friends and explore his world.

The business guru suggests that he can help the fisherman be more successful. If the fisherman works really hard for a period of time, expanding his operations and employing more people, he could be rich, really rich.

“What would be the point of being rich?” the fisherman asks of him.

“So you could retire, wake up early, catch a few fish, return home and enjoy your life at your leisure”, replies the business guru.

The fisherman is puzzled, “Isn’t that what I’m already doing?”

Sometimes we do stuff the long way around. I see it all the time, people struggle and push and try and strain … and all for what?

So in some future moment, you can relax and be happy? Why not relax and be happy NOW?

Have a little look at what it means to be successful - to you. Not to anyone else, but to you. What is success? What are real riches, in your eyes?

If it’s exactly what you’re doing right now, carry on. If not? Why not make some changes? Life is too short for anything else, right?

Let me know if I can help, with any of this.

Go well, Arjuna

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