And they’re all gone!

The guests have left, there’s nothing but silence in the house and crumbs in the fridge. Whew. What a great Christmas! And as nice as it was to have everyone here, it’s really nice when they go too. I sat down to do my Ascension meditation and ended up sleeping for 2 hours. Which goes to show - if you need to sleep, you will sleep; so don't resist the snooze. But the greatest thing was how good I felt afterwards. I wasn’t really aware that I was knackered, but seems like I was, huh?

It’s an intense season, even just having a couple of extra people around, so take time to rest up and see what happens from there. Everything is better after a rest - isn’t it?

Exhaustion is that kind of subtle yet unsubtle reminder to take some time to completely switch off and recharge. Take the time! No one else is going to do it for you.

Now I recommend closing your eyes and meditating, because that really is a turbo boost for your levels of rest and recuperation and perspective and mood. But even just taking regular mindfulness breaks in your day - where you give yourself permission to do as little as possible - can make a whole world of difference.

Instead of being busy ALL the time, you’re giving yourself the permission to do nothing - even while walking, or driving, or cooking, or sitting around with a cup of tea staring out the window.

Simple, but such an enjoyable little habit. Try this link which will give you all the how to info and other goodies. If I can do anything for you? Just ask - hit reply, I’d love to help!

Go well, Arjuna

PS. Want to be more calm? More present, mindful and aware? Perhaps just less frazzled, angry, anxious? Try my free mindfulness challenge, I think you'll like it: