About Fear And How To Handle It

All fear is based on a thought about the future. See when you are racing off into an imagined future - see the source of fear.

Stop racing into these thoughts and this future and therefore:

Stop being afraid.

Stay calm and centred, even in the middle of the most powerful uncertainty.

Now - people say some rubbish.

They say stuff that sounds good.

They say stuff that other people have said and they themselves haven’t really experienced.

But this bit about fear?

It is true.

Because right now, within me, there is the definite possibility of fear, of rising anxiety.

Sumati needs to go into hospital to be induced simply because this baby just is far too comfortable.

The baby just doesn’t want to come out.

I don’t like hospitals at the best of times, but the midwives are slightly concerned about the position of the baby.

This scrap of information?

When dwelled upon leads to all kinds of possible future fearful scenarios.

C-sections, pain, stillbirth … the works.

Is it happening right now?


Will it happen?

Who really knows?

And it’s moments like this when I value my Ascension meditation practice.

Because I have a means of pulling my mind back from this chaos and fear and keeping it in what I know for certain:

This exact moment in time.

My mind doesn’t pull me any more -

There is the possibility of fear for sure, but I’ve gotten used to its games.

Which is nice, because fear just clouds everything. It’s a horrible, cramping feeling, isn’t it?

And may never come true.

So if you’re interested in coming to grips with fear - and anxiety and panic and worry and all of that - see where your mind wants to take you.

Get good at resisting that urge.

Get good at returning to presence and awareness.

In doing so you will find freedom from fear.

And how would your life be like then?

Pretty darn good I imagine.

Want to know how?

Here's a great place to start:

https://arjunaishaya.leadpages.co/sane-fb/ Any questions?

Fire away, but chances are I will be a little slow replying!

Take care Arjuna


I’ll tell you how it goes ASAP.

How exciting huh?