Alone at home in your underpants, drinking

Let me explain -

As a human there is no black and white.

No absolutes - there are always shades of grey, as you might well know.

In terms of being busy and getting stuff done there is also a continuum of activity.

I’ve been reliably informed (by one avid reader of these emails who has this in a prominent place to remind him)

At one end is Kyoshi - the Japanese term meaning to work oneself to death.

(Not so good)

And at the other end of our continuum is Kalsarikannit - the Finnish verb for getting drunk in ones underpants with no intention of going out.

(As a regular choice? Not so good either)

You are busy - you have things to see, people to do.

Commitments, responsibilities, all the rest of it.

Yet - to have a balanced life - to be productive and enjoy it all -

You need to find a balance between these two poles of madness:

Death by busy-ness or death by underpants.

It’s a balance that constantly shifts, constantly moves, depending on what is happening in your life at the time.

There is a time for more work, there is a time for more relaxing.

In your day there needs to be this ebb and flow too …

A time for doing, a time for switching off and not doing.

Now - mindfulness, meditation, being present and aware -

Many people can see how it means they can switch off -

It’s mental training in a sense to learn to focus on certain thoughts, ignore others.

Getting out of the past and the future that can’t be controlled -

And living now, in this moment in time.

Which is relaxing and recharging in all ways, indeed.

But learning and practicing something like the Ishayas’ Ascension meditation means you get going and DO stuff so much better and more effectively AS WELL.

You can examine your thoughts and see if they hold true.

You leave negativity and overwhelm and reacting in ways you regret back at the door.

You lose stress and doubt and all that stuff that stops you.

Ascension meditation also means you can get that balance right -

The balance between two extremes.

The half step back it gives you means you just know when it’s time to switch off,

And when it’s time to go.

Balance in all things,

A fine art - the art of life no less.

It takes practice, but you can find that - you can live it.

To get going on your practice, here's a little challenge that will help you rapidly find just that:

It’s a while away, but it gives you time to prepare!

Go well,



It’s what Buddha meant by walking the middle path -

The Goldilocks Path

Not too hot, not to cold.

Not too extreme.

Just right:

Straightforward, simple, enjoyable.