I can’t be mindful - I’m busy!

A great question from a busy mum on our hour a day mindfulness challenge.

(to join, head this way: https://arjunaishaya.lpages.co/houradaymindful/)

It basically is (and sorry for misquoting you!) - I’m so busy I can’t be mindful.

I need to get stuff done.

It’s a super common statement / question -

But first -

I started on all of this because I really didn’t like how I felt when I was stressed.

When I was so busy and overwhelmed that my body and mind rebelled.

I couldn't sleep right, my jaw and shoulders ached, I would be paralysed with "what to do"...

I also knew those times when getting stuff done was simple and orderly and even a little bit fun.

It's why I got into this meditation and mindfulness business.

The thing many people don’t know is how being present and aware ALSO helps you be busy.

Busy in the sense of achieving, ticking off the to do list,

Rather than being busy in the sense of spinning around in small circles getting faster.

Moving with haste and not getting a lot done.

It means you will enjoy it more too.

You don’t get all overwhelmed and snappy and grumpy at everyone -

Your sense of humour stays firmly in place.

So actually a mindfulness and meditation practice gives you two things:

The ability to be more effective and the ability to enjoy yourself fully - no matter what you’re doing.

So you don’t get that stressed, frazzled overwhelmed feeling.

So you don’t snap and react in ways you regret.

So you do things once, and do them right …

And you CAN learn to be present and mindful and incredibly productive.

It’s a skill. An easy skill too, when you know how to get it.


If you’d like that kind of balance -

A productive AND profound life …

This is a brilliantly simple way to start -

I'll tell you what to do, and what to do next too:



Let me know!

Go well-



It’s not an either or thing -

Being mindful or being productive.

It actually is a “you need both” thing.

And it only takes a little practice to really get both going.

Let me show you how easy - and rewarding - it can be: