What is the meaning of life? Dodging difficult questions

I did a super fun interview recently with a really lovely fellow called Pat Flynn.

I totally dodged a huge question from him - so here's my chance to make amends.

But first, if you haven't listened -

We talked about meditation and why you should practice regularly and how to get started - which just floated my boat -

And it might float yours too.

Head this way:


You can even download it so you can listen while you’re in the bath, for example.


The Meaning of Life

So early on Pat asks about the meaning of life,

I felt like I skimmed what may be the most important question in my life.

So here’s my chance to add to my answer.

Perhaps buckle up, grab a cup of tea, this will be a longer email than usual.

I’m not sure how far we’ll go with this one, and I’ll say this only once (unless you ask nicely) ...

You have to realise the answer to “what is the meaning of life?” is not really about the words.

It’s not knowledge, it’s not mental.

The meaning of life comes from an experience.

And when you connect with that inner experience, the meaning of YOUR life gets clear.

Not life in general, but your life in particular.

You see:

We’re all searching for a feeling.

It’s a combo, an indefinable mashup that comes out something like -


Everything we do, we do to chase happiness, and avoid suffering.

If you’re clever though,

You will realise that an inner experience cannot come from external things.

But sure, sometimes a wonderful meal can give you that indefinable joy and contentment,

That special man or woman in your life too,

Getting that career goal, going on holiday, buying those £50 flip flops …

They all press the YES button.

So to speak.

Although happiness may be sparked by external things, it does not need to be determined by it.

That is what causes suffering…

Because people believe “I can only be happy when x or y or z (external thing) happens”

And because tomorrow never seems to come,

Or happens how you least expect it,

Happiness is always a future game and an externally caused game.

Meditation is making happiness a NOW game, an internal game.

You hear me so far?

Now -

The source of this indefinable peacelovehappyclear mooshup is already within you.

It is the You that lies beyond your thoughts,

Beyond your dreams and desires and feelings too.

You already have it, you were BORN with it - in fact, you ARE it.

Check out a little bubsy - totally one with themselves.

Enlightenment and unity that is talked about in some circles is complete freedom from the external caused game of happiness.

It comes from realising you are that inner experience of presence and awareness.

The more you touch on that experience, the happier you get AND the more the meaning of YOUR life becomes clear.

Your thoughts and feelings?

Something you have, not something you are.

When you realise the difference - and NOT as a mental idea, but as a lived experience,

That's when the meaning of life gets so obvious, so clear you’re surprised you never knew.

And even a little venturing down this path means you start living in a different way.

And I don’t want to get too mystical because that creates all kinds of ideas of what you SHOULD be experiencing -

But one of the first things that happens is that you become more aware of all the limiting and doubt filled thoughts that you have,

How you provide momentum for them by unconsciously thinking on them a lot.

Being aware means you have choice.

It means you don’t get derailed by them.

It means getting those things you want in life gets easier and more straight forward.

You find freedom from self-sabotage,

From all the negative emotions and thinking,

You get happiness that is uncaused,

Freedom from depending on other people or other things to make you happy,

You realise that all fear is caused by a thought.

You become the source of all stability, all unchanging goodness and being.

Priceless and wordless.

And all simply by regularly practicing your meditation.

Going inwards, going inwards, going inwards -

Until you remember that experience.

Now -

Take it easy.

Gentle stubborn persistence is a valuable ally.

Learn to Ascend. Honestly, it’s the darn tooting most amazing thing.



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Go well!



That link to the interview is right here:


I think you’ll really like it.

Do you ever get that slight cringe when you hear the sound of your own voice too?

Pat’s specialty is fitness and strength using kettlebells - and I can’t recommend a better teacher than him.

He totally knows his stuff: www.chroniclesofstrength.com