Anyone Want To Be Alone In A Haunted Hotel Room?

I’m in Stratford Upon Avon in a hotel to do a meditation and yoga course for the next 4 days. England’s most haunted hotel, apparently.

Though I’ve never seen anything yet, it could well be that this new room is the one.

I’ll let you know.

Now, as glamorous as I thought hotel stays were, I’ve become desensitised.

I love teaching, but really don’t like the staying away from home.

I’d rather curl up with Sumati at the end of a day, rather than go it alone in some impersonal, and maybe haunted, hotel.

What a sob story!

What a wiener!

The thing with this trip is that Sumati is in the last 4 weeks of her pregnancy -

Which means things could get serious any day now.

I didn’t realise that ^^^ when I booked this (and next) week’s course.

Not a good look to cancel a course -

But there is no way I’m missing the birth of our child either.

So cross your fingers for me, please?

I’d really like to do both, if at all possible.

What does this have to do with you, meditation and having an amazing life?


There are some crucially important things in your life.

And then there are the top tier - THE absolute essentials.

My relationship has become one of these.

I must admit it never used to be.

I was a little “take me or leave me” in my outlook.

Quite unconcerned, actually.

Funny how a commitment in the form of marriage, and then on top of that a pregnancy, has completely turned that around.

I now really want to make the most of this -

And my Ascension meditation practice makes bringing the best version of me to the relationship super simple.

It’s made it super clear it’s what I give (not what I take) that nurtures it.

The more I give the better it gets.

Do I still get grumpy, annoyed?

Of course.

Do I notice it sooner and take action that is good for both of us?


Sometimes that’s saying something before annoyance reaches anger, many times it’s just letting it go.

And because I’m doing my best to give my best -

Our relationship is better than ever.

It’s alive, and fun, and feels like it’s constantly growing.

Which is very new for me - and I like it.

You know - I keep practicing Ascension meditation because it gives me peace, and meaning, and clarity, and a quiet non-reactive head.

But -

Time with my eyes closed also means I can be a better husband.

When our daughter comes I just know it will help make me a better dad.

Meditation doesn’t take away from your life - it adds to it in a million different ways.

It really does uncover the very best version of you, simply.

It shows you what is important and what is crucial.

It allows you to sort out your priorities - and give to them,

It makes tough times easier, it enables you to keep a sense of humour even when it all hits the fan.

You want that?

It is so simple.

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Go well! Arjuna


Everyone says they’d like to be the very best version of themselves -

Everyone says they’d like a really exciting, close relationship -

But how many do you think actually take the big steps to make sure they have that?

It is so simple to do.

Don’t be the guy that thinks “that’d be nice” and do nothing about it.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. -