Bites, Scratches and Will Mess You Up

Expect all the bad things to happen, that’s my motto. Pessimism is a virtue.

(Actually it’s not - quite).

Though if you buy not one, but 2 lion cubs, as FAMILY pets - expect them to cause trouble.

And pee everywhere.

The family who are trying to sell these cubs were surprised to find out they weren’t so tame.

Why do people do it?

Obviously there wasn’t any kind of dawning that perhaps it’s not a good idea.

If you’re an experienced lion tamer?

Maybe. Maybe.

It’s not quite up there with the guy who went ice fishing and instead of taking the time to carve a hole, decided to throw a stick of dynamite to create one.

His dog raced off and fetched it for him.

… but it’s in the same ball park.

Explosives, wild (and even semi-trained) animals - they all require careful handling.

Here’s something you need to know too -

Your mind, untrained, can be your worst enemy.

Some psychologists have talked about how negativity and worry is the mind’s “default” position.

Your mind actually tries to help you by looking for all the things that could go wrong.

It’s an old caveman style protective mechanism to point out all the things that could put you in “danger”.

You know this if you’ve ever tried to go to sleep at night and your mind takes the quiet time to let you know exactly what you need to look out for…

… (again and again and again) …

Or if you’re caught MIA thinking about that work problem at the dinner table …


If you’ve ever embarked on an ambitious project - say in business or training for a big event - and all the doubt and the limitations and the reasons why you’ll never succeed come FLOODING in.

(That one is particularly vexing).

You know your mind, like a dog fetching dynamite, can be very, very “helpful” …

As in, not at all.

Here’s my tip -

Treat your own head like a wild lion cub or a stick of dynamite.

Expect the worst -

Handle it with great consideration -

Know that it will go mad sometimes -

Take the thoughts with a huge pinch of salt -

And train it.

Train the thing!!

Because trained it can be legendary.

It can be the greatest tool you possess.

Wouldn’t having a well trained lion be awesome??

(I actually don’t know if it’s even possible)

Take that for a walk in your local park and watch everyone fall over.

Anyhoo -

Two things in training your mind:

Be present to this moment in time, and get a bulletproof Positive Mental Attitude.

It’s the two things your mind is useless at.

They are your biggest weaknesses, that when mastered, will become your biggest strengths.

They mellow and counter all the “Watch Out” and “Danger” default tendencies of your head -

All the judgements, the anxieties and worries, the "What Is The Point?"s -

Giving you a rock solid foundation for calm, clarity, and great happiness -

So you get stress free, great productivity, awesomely loving relationships, and so much fun and fulfilment.

And freedom from thinking too much.

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Go well! Arjuna


Don’t wait till your head bites you really hard.

You can’t sell it on eBay.

And anyway, no one else wants it.