Get Real

Life isn’t a box of fluffy rainbows all the time. I know that.

I know sometimes life sucks.

So you may not be able to charge ALL the time.

So you may not be able to have a positive mental attitude ALL the time.

You may not like the way life is right now,

But you can allow.

You can accept.

You can stop fighting the fact that you’re not feeling so great right now.

Because the fight and the resistance to how you’re feeling is causing you MOST of the stress.

This statement causes so much grief:

“This shouldn’t be happening to me!”

But it is.

Can you move beyond it?

Great, put your head down and do what you need to do.

Just the minimum - and then put your feet up.

The world will keep turning even if you stop.

If not?

Can you accept the fact that you’re feeling the way you’re feeling?

Can you be okay with the fact you’re not feeling okay?

And not seek to change it?

Not put any more pressure on yourself to be any particular way?

Of course you can … if you wanted.

So WHAT if you can’t be arsed to get out of bed?

Can you allow yourself a day to do nothing?

A mental health day is what we used to call it -

When it started raining meaning it was time to skivvy off work and head away kayaking.

A mental health day it is too when you look after yourself -

Just for a day (or two) -

To get your juice back.

Sometimes life is tough. You feel flat. You feel like the black dog is chewing on your heel and you don’t have the energy to struggle any more.

Give in.

Give up the fight -

Fully accept that this is the way it is (at the moment)

Take the pressure off, give up your to do list and your plans, and just look after yourself.

It won’t last forever.

But your self-judgement and self-induced pressure to be different will make it seem so much heavier.

I know that.


Go well - take it easy.


- PS.

Sometimes you can’t change what is happening,

But -

You can change your relationship with what is happening -

And that makes the world of difference.

It is a simple thing, a simple practice.

Let me tell you about it.

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