Being a hero

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.- Buddha

Buddha once said that the most heroic thing that anyone could ever do is face themselves.

If you want more from life, at some stage you will have to take stock and review. If you ever look at yourself honestly, go easy. Be clear and direct but don't judge yourself harshly if you feel you have failed in some way. What is judgement but the very thing that you are leaving?

You have done the best you could, at the time. Now you're in a different position. You see clearer and know better, so you will do better.

Looking within and fully and freely exercising your choice in your life is the most rewarding journey that any human being could ever embark on. The rewards for turning away from stress and limitation are instantaneous, and allow you to see yourself and the result of your choices with even greater clarity. Awareness is a gift.

It may be that sometimes you become aware of poor choices. Wonderful. Keep walking towards what you want. Keep moving, keep making the choices that bring real fulfilment and contentment - not just for some future moment, but now.

Your dream, your vision of your perfect life can be true. It can be true! So many people have this dream. So few are willing to make sure they experience it.

I've got it good in that I'm surrounded by people that remind me of this every time I see them. You may live with people like this or you may not, but you are surrounded by them. All it requires is for you reach out and ask for help.

Reaching out and getting what you need is so simple, but how often do you not? Do it. Do whatever it takes to keep every moment filled with your dream.