Bet you didn’t know this about snails (careful!)

Bet you don’t know this:

The World Snail racing championships are held every year in Norfolk.

How exciting could that be?

Well - I just gave 3 minutes and 50 seconds of my life to find out.

The 13 inch course world record is 2 minutes by Archie the snail in 1995.

There's my boy!

Youslime Bolt didn’t live up to his potential though,

I think it was a snail called Trev that came through this year.

The world of the internet …

Sometimes you end up in the weirdest places when you just put your toe down the rabbit hole.

As exciting as world snail racing is -

I need to be so careful with all of this stuff.

“Just one video”… “ooh, who's that on Facebook who I haven’t seen since I was 12 …”

Means hours can be lost.

At the end of the day I want to get stuff done.

How about you?

Well - I’m writing a book  - which I’m aiming (and on track - yersss!) to have finished before 2018 starts.

And I’m raising funds for the Felix Fund - the bomb disposal charity,

(If you’re interested in donating? Or own a hotel that could help us run some courses? The link is: or get in touch with me, you angel!)

I also want to stay fit and healthy,

I want to have the most amazing relationship with Sumati and Bubsy,

I want to educate myself in several spheres,

I want to get time to close my eyes so I prioritise peace and profundity in life too.

I guess that’s the point of World Snail champs …

I also want to have fun and slack off too.

But you know -

“I want”’s only happen when you actually prioritise and do them.

Balance and focus -

That’s one of the things practicing Ascension meditation gives you -

Is the ability to see your life choices super clear,

And the motivation and energy and half step back perspective to actually make the choices that really count in the long term.

So if you’re interested in “getting stuff done” in a balanced, calm and fun way,

Rather than in a stressed, chaotic, unbalanced, always exhausted and grumpy way … ?

It is exactly what I teach you here:

Go well!



I really wanted Youslime Bolt to win, but alas.

Next year buddy!