You're probably making the same mistake I did

When I first really started meditation, I was in my twenties.

I’d climbed mountains, kayaked some wild rivers, I'd fallen fully in love (several times), I’d taken various recreational drugs.

I’d experienced some real highs in life -

(And equally, like many people, I’d experienced some real lows).

I turned up to meditation with a head full of ideas about what life would be like -

Once I found the magic key.

I was wrong -

I was wrong about so many things, and while I hated being wrong then - it now causes me great humour.

But this time, what I thought I wanted from life - wasn't that at all.

What’s more my expectations meant I caused myself a lot of unnecessary struggle.

So if you can avoid this trap - that would make me happy.

Take a moment - and for you, honestly:

What do you want from life?

Is it to live in blissed out peace, chatting with butterflies? Floating from the ceiling and sending out love to the cosmos?

Or is it more like …

Ending stress, ending suffering, being happier with more balance and more energy?

Being really authentic and real, “here I am with nothing to prove and nothing to hide to no body”?

Maybe it’s to be able to be fully content in the world and not be too shaken when “stuff” happens?

Or to get a few things done without turning into a stressed out grumpster, your mind whirring away, unable to sleep?

Is it to love your family completely but not worry so much about them?

It’s not about the mega highs that you can get -

The feelings, the bliss, the visuals,

It's not even about stopping your thoughts.

Rather, it's about simple contentment.

Quiet joy.

The end - I say again, the END - of fear and self-doubt.

Being present and connected to the things and the people in front of you.

Freedom from being triggered and flying off the handle.

Complete love and compassion and acceptance and allowance for everyone - and yourself.

The real treasure that meditation brings to you is the simple things.

Because not only are they ACTUALLY achievable by ANYONE who wants them -

They’re lasting.

Every single moment of every single day lived freely.

Once found, they are permanent - because they are the simple things.

And that’s what I guide people to when they come and learn Ascension.

Sound good?

It’s truly simple when you know how.

How do you get started?

Getting this free guide is an excellent place:

Go well, and make yours a wonderful weekend.



Keep it so simple, OK?

And - 

Should you have any questions?

I’d love to help.

Just hit me up - you can try it. I really am here to serve.