Bottlin’ it up

And I don’t mean bottlin’ as in losing your nerve and running,

I mean holding onto stuff,

Not speaking,

Not saying what you want, what you see.

Bottling it up, holding it in, not talking?

It just doesn’t work does it?

Talking about stuff helps so much.

Letting it out and conveying your truth …

Helps you get calm straight away.

A couple of things -

When somethings stressing or frustrating you, talking to someone helps.

But you want to choose someone who won’t let you go around and around in the story about it.

Because now there’s two of you adrift in misery.

You want someone who will listen, who will understand, yes -

But someone who will help you become more present.

Someone who will help you let go of your frustration,

Help you get out of your head and into the here and now.

Not indulge you in how unfair the whole thing is, and they’re all b@stards anyway …


The other thing:

Sometimes you need to say things that you know will make your voice shake a little when you do it -

You need to say it sooner rather than later,

Cos later means it comes out all wrong and even more emotional -

Like a beach ball held under water always eventually pops out in a huge explosion.

And you need to do it because it’s about your peace, you saying what you need to say.

It’s actually not even about the other person changing or even understanding.

Weird huh?

It’s about you getting something off your chest.

The thing that stops you is your belief that it’s not important,

Or “who am I to say this anyway?”

You know?

You’re not being bolshy, you’re speaking up in a clear and timely fashion.

A small pressure release now,

A small “ssssssssssst” now,

Rather than a huge explosion later.

Speaking your truth = sanity and calm.

So even if it takes a bit of courage, go ahead and get it done.

Go well!



I still don’t like doing this …

I’m not 100% comfortable with it,

But I know when I need to do it,

And I’m doing it for my own peace of mind,

As opposed to bottling it and it keeping me awake with frustration and regret and “I should have…” for weeks later.

So I do it, no matter what.


To get that clarity of knowing what you need to say?

To step through the self-doubt and the “I shouldn’t”s?

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