Wonder Woman was pregnant!

I just found out Wonder Woman - Gal Gadot - was 5 months pregnant while completing filming.

(good film btw)

That is awesome.

Ever since I witnessed Sumati being pregnant I have a whole new world of respect for pregnancy,

To be pregnant and do all those stunts,

To squeeze into that costume, with those wedgey booty things,

(not sure how practical they are for real fighting, but hey - they looked good) …


But that’s not all …

Found out that Serena Williams was also 2 months pregnant when winning her a grand slam tennis title.

Lesser known Dana Volmer - a US swimmer - competed in a national race also with a 5 months bun in the oven!

She said it was easier than chasing a small toddler around all day long.

Mind blown already.

A kid, pregnant, training and competing to a world level standard.

That seems like a whole different universe of alpha mum-mage right there.

Then you get that principal of that girls school who was in the office the DAY after giving birth.

She wanted to give the girls a message that they could do anything.

Fair play …

And if you’re one of those unstoppable mums who can do all of this and more,

Without breaking a sweat.

Good on you!

But …

There’s always a but isn’t there?

At what cost?

And I WAS wondering why so many mums talk to me about comparison.

About impossible standards -

Torturing themselves if they can’t juggle everything they used to juggle,

Or can't even remember their own names sometimes.

Wanting to do stuff, even every day stuff, and finding there’s a whole different game at play.

Little beings who demand your attention and commitment - your all.

You give it freely -

I see Sumati up all hours of the night breast feeding …

Then sometimes she’s wondering why she’s exhausted.

It’s just when you throw “I should be doing more” on top,

Not only you suffer, but everyone around you feels it too.

The resentment, the doubt, the comparison - to others, to your former self


The point is your own worst enemy exists in between your own ears.

Those beliefs and expectations and assumptions -

They are the things that make life what it is.

There are the facts of life,

Then there is our head that reacts and filters and warps these facts.

Deal with your head and then everything happens with so much more simplicity,

More enjoyment, more efficiency, more contentment.

I think that’s why so many mums love Ascension.

It gives them the ability to get out of their heads -

To reorder priorities and reduce self induced pressure,

To rest and recover,

To get rid of regret and resistance,

To gain stability in the chaos.

Here's a FREE download of a part of what I teach when you learn:

(Not the techniques, no, but some excellent ideas on getting going)


Ask if you have any questions!

Go well,



If you're a dad and wondering where you fit in with all this?

If you live with women?

You need to know all the above.

Awareness means you can understand.

Understanding means you can help and assist and make things easier.

And that is no small thing at all.