I caught my wife doing it

Awful headline huh?

But it got you reading!

Sumati was saying to me she would love some time to exercise and Ascend.

I’m like: sweet!

Of course, I’ll hold the baby,

You go do the stuff you do to nurture and look after yourself.

To recharge, to reorder and reprioritise,

To step away from the to do list,

To get that “Half step back” that means everything is clearer and in perspective,

And means you don’t snap and say something you regret.

Happier, not grumpy, able to deal with one thing at a time.

She knows the importance of this -

But after 5 minutes I don’t hear any workout music,

I go check on her …

And she’s on her computer.

With my very best personal trainer/coach impersonation I tell her -

“I’m not holding the baby for fun - get down stairs and give me 20!”

(don’t worry - it was fun, but I had my “let’s get serious” voice on)

She’s “yeah but I just want to do this one job …”

You know how it is -

Jobs sneak in first, “just this one thing” happens and then you never actually do the looking after self things …

So I drag her down stairs and tell her to get changed.

(I was SO wearing the trousers yesterday - I think she liked it)

5 minutes later no sign -

I walk in and she’s making the bed!

“what the!”

It doesn’t matter she tells me.

The bed needs to be made and so I’ll do it first and then do my exercise and Ascending.

Do you do that too?

See - what actually happens is you do all the little things you think you need to do,

and you think that you’ll do the thing for yourself after -

When the job is done.


Time always runs out,

And you RARELY do what will give you the MOST benefit

I know you find it easier to operate when your head is clear of those “I must do that today” jobs,

But don’t let it be at the expense of looking after yourself,

Of doing those things that mean you are recharged and have a good humour.

You actually NEED to put that ^^^ at the top of your to do list.

Learn how to put the rest of the list down.

Then you can thrive and NOT get stressed and struggle and be grumpy and resentful.

Everyone wins when you’re on top form.

And that is NOT about clearing your to do list first.


Lecture over.

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Go well!



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