Calming a raging beast child the quick, easy way

A valuable lesson yesterday I did learn -

Regarding a grumpy child and how to make her less demanding, really quick.

Want to hear it?

I was feeding bubsy.

Actually no, feeding bubsy is like feeding a lion … I imagine.

You throw food in the general direction and stand well back, get safe as quick as possible.

Bubsy feeds herself and if you get in the way, you're a casualty.

I was tired, I had a busy, productive day ...

And I just wanted to switch off for a moment or two.

Bubsy was happily mooshing food in her forehead and I thought,

“I'll just see what's happening on Facebook”, as you do.

About ten seconds into Facebook she gets all agitated, which makes me agitated too.

“Can't you see I'm doing something really important here?” - shouts everyone wrapped up in their Facebook cocoon.

I throw the bubsy beast another scrap - she's happy, I turn back to the book of face.

Do you know what happens next?

Of course you do.

When I'm on my phone she gets agitated. When I'm off it, she's happy.

And it only takes me 12 goes to realise this.

Happy bubsy is a happy peaceful me …

So I stop fighting and chuck the phone out of my reach and out of temptation.

I rest my head on the table and just look at bubsy.

No effort - and she's completely different. Happy and content.

All she wanted was me to pay attention.

And it's the same with all your kids, no matter how old they are.

It's the same with your partner too.

They just want you to show up.

Checking out on your phones be one thing - but make sure you're not switched off and thinking about something else either.

That's more subtle and possibly just as common.

They know that too.

Fully be with them. Right here, right now.

And you'll enjoy peace and a really happy alive relationship.

You'll end so many arguments and hassles - I promise you.

Ultimately when you give them a little you'll get more peace for you.

And that's what you wanted in the first place - right?

So pay attention!

Job done, and you’re welcome.

Making your life stress free since 2003.

Go well!



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If you don't have Facebook, or are feeding a raging bubba beast at the moment, just hit reply.

I'll help you out!