Cause And Direct Effect

Let’s talk chicken and egg. What came first?

What caused what?

Cause and effect -

Or karma in some places,

is a wonderful thing to get clear on.

Because then you can see where you have choice and where you don’t.

Life is ALL about choice.

And getting truly FREE choice - 

Removed from all your self-imposed limitations

Of bad habits,

Dodgy internal programming,

And snappy, reactive, trigger based emotional responses,

Is what the Ishayas’ Ascension is all about.

(and what other meditations SHOULD be about but often fail to provide an effective means to do that)

Ooh - was that a little … bitchy?

Probably. I know I’m biased, I am.

But I know what I like, and I like what I know.

Maybe I'm just a bit grumpy this morning.

(Do you know what? -

"Standard” meditation is so much harder to teach than Ascension meditation? Super simple, Ascension takes the person by the hand and directly points them where they need to go. Which makes it quickly obvious for the person practicing. Which is great for everyone!)

Anyhoo - got a little distracted there:

Ascension meditation is about wiping your slate clean so you can put whatever you want on it.

Choice -

What causes ongoing suffering?

An event?

Or your reaction to it?

An event - such as stepping on your kids Lego, right up to being diagnosed with cancer (let’s say for dramatic effect)

The event may be painful.

It may cause short term shock and physical pain.


The long term suffering comes from your reaction to it.

—-> The ongoing processing and thinking and chewing over it.

Like a scab you keep picking, it never heals and just gets full of pus and scar.


People think events cause suffering.

Thus they are controlled by these external, uncontrollable events, which trigger a response in them.

Like a monkey on a chain, being pulled this way and that.

But if you see this within yourself,

You can start to unchain yourself from the effect of painful events,

Gain control of what you can control,

And therefore avoiding suffering.

Being free from suffering?

Imagine that …

You may still not like the event -

No one likes being told they have cancer.

No one likes standing on Lego in the dark.

but it doesn’t cause continual mental and emotional … (and from that physical - because the body follows the mind) … suffering.

Life can be tough.

But you make it absurdly tougher because of your habits of choice.

Reclaim a better, easier, less dramatic, more fun way of living and responding and choosing!

What do you have to do to have a life where you are free from suffering?

Go here: Keep the peace now.



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