Kodak Courage

I went kayaking this weekend. (I thought the house and pregnant Sumati were all in good order for a few hours or so)

Lovely stuff it was.

A great group, a well oiled machine so far, we came around the corner to the main event.

The big scary rapid.

The large Kahuna.

The one the guidebook talks about and the one everyone tells stories about in the pub afterwards …

And not only did we have a large rambling party sitting eating their lunch,

Oh no,

But a gaggle of amateur photographers on a course.

What they were doing way out there who knows,

But their eyes lit up when they saw us.

We used to call it “Kodak Courage” -

That phenomena whenever there is a camera someone of lesser ability will attempt something harder,

That extra boost you get -

All for the photographic glory.

It works the other way too -

When you have a crowd,

People start to fall apart.

An interesting dynamic today was watching a team that had been styling down the river, fall into the same pattern.

Some did great,

Some did awful,

Some should have walked  - but they lived, and got their photo taken.

---> Self-induced pressure.

It messes with your mind and your skills.

How often has a rugby player kicked a ball over for a conversion in practice?

Come match day with a crowd and the result on their shoulders?

It’s much much harder.

You know this.

And it’s not just about the physical sporting realm.

It happens everywhere.

It's any skill, any decision making, any reaction.

Your mindset affects everything:

Your abilities at work, at home and at play,

And most importantly, your ability to enjoy yourself.

A crucial game is the mind game -

To every aspect of life.

For a solid, and solid foundation in mental fortitude and fitness

(I like the word “Resilience”)

And just plain happiness ...

I strongly believe everyone should have some kind of mental health / "fitness" regime.

You don’t get better at playing the guitar by accident.

You don’t get stronger by wishing it.

You don’t learn any skill or become anything different by doing nothing.

You do the work and get the results.

A regime, a practice, a thing you do to make you the master of your mind …

Is the greatest thing you can do for every part of your life.

Go here and I can help you with one that is super simple and extraordinarily powerful:

You won’t regret it:

https://arjunaishaya.leadpages.co/sane-fb/ Go well! Arjuna


I woke up sore from me adventures in me kayak.

It’s been too long, what with packing and shifting and lack of rain and what not.

And it was so worth every single ache and tired muscle …

Good times are worth it!