Change Your Mind, Change Your World (Not Wishful Thinking)

mountains-1521697_1920It's a crisp sunny morning here in Richmond North Yorkshire and I'm sitting in my favourite coffee table spot. I've got a few minutes before we head to the hospital for a baby scan. A whole new world.

I had talk last night - it's been a busy week, but I love it. It's really something when you're able to talk about what you love.

And have a captive audience. Heheh.

The point I want to make is of how much your thoughts create your reality. I saw that again last night speaking.

Some people so anxious, others wide open and content.

The same world but experienced so differently.

You see, your mind is the filter to your world.

Your mind is the foundation for everything you do.

It literally shapes your world.

Change your mind, you change what you perceive.

You start to see through fresh eyes. The world changes, it opens up.

What you focus on, grows in significance.

What grows in significance becomes more real.

It’s not wishful thinking -

- And you still have to do stuff - you can't just sit and think your way through life -

but it comes from the best possible place.

The question then is "what do you want to give attention to?”

What do you want to grow in significance in your life?

What DO you?

Now - it does take practice.

You have certain habits, it's necessary to build some new habits.

Everything comes through practice. Nothing comes from not doing anything.

I’ll be explaining how all works in much greater details in the seminar I have in a couple of weeks (details in the PS)

But until then practice focusing on what you want, on what is good.

And don't be discouraged if you don't get this straight away.

But steadily do this and your foundation, your internal response, becomes more robust, yet more flexible.

You see Grasshopper, it becomes like the willow that bends in the storm, not the oak that breaks and cracks.

You want more on that?

Come to the seminar in Darlington - get a seat here:

or more details in the PS.

Otherwise have a grand day : ) Arjuna -


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