Why So Serious? (Don’t Ruin It For Yourself)

man-407083_1920An interesting and informative point I saw from a kayak course I did the other week. Although I was drained from having spent what felt the whole night on the toilet (stomach bug you see) and not able to eat anything, I was having a ball.

After all - even though I’m not as sharp and full of beans as usual (literally - hur hur) …

———-> I’m on the river (wahey!) <———

or more aptly -

———-> I’m NOT in an office or mowing the lawns (yay!) <————

Yet one of my fellow guinea pigs was having a rough day.

No joy at all - it looked like he was getting more and more frustrated with his abilities as the day went on.

Didn’t matter what I said to encourage, to try and point out what he was doing good, you know?

I used to be exactly the same.

Hyper-critical to the point of ruining my own day.

This is what I learnt:

The deal is sometimes you’re totally on the ball, in the Zone, firing from the sweet spot.

And sometimes it’s just not your moment.

That there is a fact of life.

You need to make your own enjoyment your foundation.

Because everything you do comes easier from that.

You’re looser, less tense, more focused on what goes right as opposed to what went wrong.

And you're having more fun!!!

Which is the point.

You know?

Sometimes you need to adjust your definition of success for the day.

Sometimes its not going to be what you hoped for.

You see we humans take stuff far too seriously.

And it seems like the older we get the more seriously we take it - even our leisure.

Everyone wants to get better - (and to be seen doing well) -

BUT the only way to really get better fast is to make sure you’re having a ton of fun.

Keep your eye on the prize!

Protect your peace and joy.

That there is the only thing no one can take away from you.

It’s yours, your choice, your inner response, yours and yours alone to make and have.

If you want to know how your mind sabotages your own enjoyment and skills and fast progression and what to do about it?

See you in the PS.

Otherwise have a great Sunday!

Keep the peace!

Arjuna -


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