Commitment - what is important to you?

Commitment is the single greatest thing that will bring you what you want.

Anything that you have now is because you made a commitment to it – a commitment of heart and soul to dream it: “Yes, this is important to me” and body and mind to follow through in reality: “I won’t let anything distract me”.

The time we give every day to something is a great indicator of its importance to us. We say so many things are important, and so often we shrug our shoulders and say “I just don’t have enough time”.

Yet if it was truly important to you, you would find the time. My fellow Ishaya Priya put it beautifully:

“’Not having enough time’ is not a reason for something you can’t do, but only an excuse for something you don’t want to do.”

Many times it’s a matter of perspective.

When you first met an Ishaya, chances are they would have asked you a question: “If you could have one thing, anything at all, what would it be?” You would have said something like, peace, love, joy, freedom. All humanity is the same; our highest desire in life is to be free and happy.

That question is powerful because it brings what is truly important to you to light.

Now, how much time every day do you personally spend making sure your highest desire becomes a reality? You say it is the most important thing to you, but I am willing to bet money that actually it ends up way down on your priority list.

Gain some perspective on what is really important to you, and commit to that, truly. Don’t procrastinate. Ensure what is important is reflected in each and every day. You don’t want to live any other way.