Non-attachment: Take nothing seriously

Have strong opinions but keep them lightly held - Philip GoldmanLaugh at what you hold sacred, and still hold it sacred - Abraham Maslow Sacred cows make the best hamburgers – Mark Twain

You may have noticed that the times things get sticky for you are also the times you take things seriously. Seriousness is constriction, holding onto something tightly. It means you cannot be open or flexible or receptive to anything else.

Holding tight means you are guaranteed to hit up against something. Conflict and suffering becomes inevitable. You will set yourself up in opposition to others, but also nature itself.

Nature is change. There is the old story comparing the oak tree with the willow. When a strong wind blows the oak standing stiff and unmoving cracks and breaks; the willow is able to bend with the wind - its strength is in flexibility.

The answer is not to take anything seriously, even that which is most important to you. Have strong opinions but carry them lightly. Be open, receptive and flexible.

Make no demands. Have preferences, strong ones if you wish, but insist not. Hold onto nothing, set nothing in stone.

You may find when you do this the difference between you and your opinions become clear. When someone challenges an opinion tightly held, we believe they are challenging who we are. You see this happening so much in the world – taking things personally leads to so much misunderstanding and conflict.

Your opinions are not you. Your beliefs of how things should happen are not you. All beliefs are simply an idea of what is true from your point of view at this point in time.

The truth is much closer to you than any belief.

The way to constant peace is lined with laughter. Hold onto nothing - take nothing seriously.