Do Dolphins Make You Angry Too?

Sumati was given this CD with a guided meditation to help with her upcoming labour … And it could well be the most annoying thing I have ever heard.

I’m not the target market for sure,

But as Sumati is a pregnant mum AND is scoffing big time too,

I’m not surprised meditation has a bad name when this stuff is out there.

One listen and you just want to burn something,

Not relax and be calm.

There are some good ideas, but:

The women’s voice has that “ideal” soft, supposedly peaceful, calming drone …

She talks about some things seriously disconnected from reality …

There is the sound of a wave crashing on a beach with pan pipes (urk) tootling away there too.

OH - And now the dolphins have come in

AHHHHHHH! Make it stop!

Sumati has it on at the moment and it’s awful.

Hahah - I was talking about triggers the other day wasn’t I?

Irritation is apparently a choice according to me.

Yet this thing remains a pet peeve of mine about the meditation “industry”.

I’ve met teachers who talk one way when discussing their day to day affairs,

Yet when they’re on duty their voice changes to something I suppose they believe is more “spiritual” or something.


Why not just deliver the facts of meditation and of life, as they are??

Why not help people without being silly about it?

Here’s the thing I have discovered:

You don’t need to change a thing about you.

You are you are you.

Meditation should be an extremely practical tool so you can become MORE you.

The biggest problem you have is that underneath it all you believe that you need to change in some way.

You don’t.

Once you see your patterns you may WANT to change - but that is far different from feeling like you SHOULD change.

You certainly don’t need to change to get calm, focussed and happier.

You just need to stop, regularly ...

Ignoring certain thought patterns is useful too.

But it is a simple matter of learning to direct your awareness.

Learning to bring it to the heart of the matter (which I can show you quicker than I can tell you), is incredibly restful and revitalising and means you can have an extremely effective and enjoyable life.

You need no pan pipes or “soothing” voices.

You don’t need an app - great places to start yes, but like trainer wheels on a bike.

They gotta come off some time.

You don’t need to be a vegetarian,

Or start speaking like some “guru”,

Or stop enjoying the rugby,

Or do anything you don’t want to do.

Be willing to grow and be educated, but trust what you know …


To get the simple, direct, and way more powerful way, head this way and I’ll show you: Go well - and be seeing you Arjuna


If you haven’t told me what your biggest challenge you're facing with your attitude / mindset and levels of calm, focus and fulfilment right now

Then do …

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