Not The Joy Of Sex, No

Recently I wrote a blog about the joy of triggers, Not the Joy of Sex, no.

My parents had that book on their bookshelf when I was a young fella.

I must say I learnt A LOT from that classic 70s manual.

Then one day it just disappeared.

Shame that -

On a few different levels.

Anyway - back on track:

The Joy of Triggers

When you realise your own happiness CAN become a choice,

A choice YOU make despite the circumstances …

So the foundation of a full rich happy life becomes not so much about the WHAT

(ie. the circumstances and the situations)

But the HOW …

(ie. your response to these circumstances)

THEN anything that shows you that you are choosing to suffer becomes of great interest

eg. your reactions, your blindspots, your inner chimp raging -

It is choosing to be aware in challenging situations and not fall back into unconsciousness.

All so you can stop making that particular choice,

And therefore get better results in your life.

Hence: the Joy Of Being Triggered.

(Not masochistic, no, not at all.)


It is a big bold step to take full responsibility for your own happiness.

I get that. It’s a bit scary.

It's actually easier to blame something or someone else.

And so I wasn't surprised that when I sent that blog out to my email list, a few people unsubscribed.

And well done them. If you’re not ready, you’re not ready.

But I wanted to say if you’re still here reading me, then GREAT.

You may not know how to choose for your own happiness, but you are clearly willing to find out.

Rare indeed is that.

All you have to do now is opt in here and join the club:


Good. Go well and keep the Peace!


- PS.

If you join, the unsubscribe is always at the bottom of my emails.

I never want to feel like a guest who has stayed too long …

So if you really have got this all sorted, you probably don’t need to hear from me.

No worries at all. I wish you luck. -