Do You Have A Choice?

choiceThe more I live and enquire into the conditions of my life, the more I realise the power of my choice.

I used to feel subject to the comings and goings of the situations and the circumstances, the relationships and the possessions in my life.

I would be affected by them in that I would feel upset at a small insult or high from a small victory.

Life was a total rollercoaster until I realised that whilst I had very little control over many things, I could have absolute control over my reaction to them.

The mighty Plato once said,


“One cannot make a slave of a free person, for a free person is free even in a prison”


Independence is treasured by many, yet if you look closely you may find so many are emotional and mental slaves to the comings and goings, the ups and downs in life.

Perhaps honestly looking at yourself you may find places where you are the same?

The first step in freeing yourself is to recognise that you have a choice in how you think and feel and react.

You may not know how to make the choice, but acknowledging the choice is there is a wonderful beginning.

And freeing too -

You start to claim responsibility for how you are affected by life.

No longer do you point the finger, saying “it’s her fault”, or “if he hadn’t done that” or shaking your fist at some impersonal, uncaring, uncommunicative deity.

Instead you stop and see what you can do with what you are given, with where you find yourself.

“OK, what shall I do with this?”

In that stress, struggle, anxiety, exhaustion, dissatisfaction and unhappiness are all replaced with calm, ease, rest, focus, contentment and happiness.

The simple beauty of life comes to the fore.

All because you made a different choice.

Meditation has been the single greatest tool in making me realise this choice, and making it simple.

If you think meditation isn’t for you - think again - it may be that you just haven’t found the right technique.

Witness this documentary showing in Darlington soon:

Stressed business people, murderous drug gang members in prison, ballet dancers, cancer patients -

All owning their choice and having their lives transform.

It’s well worth seeing - and tickets are only available for the next 10 days.

Take it easy



If you suspect there’s more to life that being a slave to the ups and downs of life, to feeling stressed, unfocussed and dissatisfied -

This just might show you that indeed there is, if you choose to do something about it: