The Biggest Waste Of Energy

waste-ofYour biggest waste of time and energy? Wanting to be right.

Like a vampire it sucks the life out of you.

Getting into petty arguments about stuff.

Insisting that you “know” best.

Insisting that the other is wrong.

And do you know what?

Maybe you do know best.

Maybe you are right.

But hows it feel to hit your head against a brick wall?

Similar feeling really when you insist on being right.

Trying to bludgeon the other into seeing it your way.

And no one wins.

The bottom line is that you’d rather be right than happy.

You give up your peace of mind and happiness for a scrap.

Maybe the scrap is “worth it”.

Maybe it’s a noble fight.

But don’t put your happiness over wanting to win, ever.

Because you’ll die first.

Happiness can be so simple to achieve.

It can be a simple choice.

It can become your natural way of being.

To get that?

You do have to see where you are making anything else a priority.

You do have to see where you are choosing to leave a state of calm and clarity for an opinion.

To get riled up, and righteous.

So much easier to shrug your shoulders and go “oh well” and keep going with what you know.

Learning to detach from other people’s opinions is the way forward.

Because then no one can make you feel anything.

Wouldn’t that be nice? ^^^

Free yourself from the rollercoaster of reaction and complication.

Make the choice to be happy, not right.

It’s a habit you can cultivate - one that will transform your life.

What you think and feel - regardless of your life situation and circumstances - can be a choice.

If you want to know more, check out this documentary on the power of choice and how it’s transforming lives in people around the world -

From formerly murderous gang members, to creatives like ballet dancers and writers, to stressed entrepreneurs, to a terminally ill cancer patient.

If they can find independence and choice from the stickiness of their lives, so can you.

We’re looking to get enough tickets sold so we can get a “on demand” screening in Darlington.

Have a look at the trailer by scrolling down at the link below:

Deadline for ticket reservations is Sunday 6 Nov at 7pm.

Have a happy day!



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